Kitchen Countertop Maintenance: Avoiding Holiday Wear and Tear

The frenzy of holiday cooking creates delicious cookies, pies, hams – and sometimes blemishes on your kitchen countertops denver . Happily, you can protect your counters by adhering to the guidelines we’ve gathered below. We start by examining specific rules for different kitchen countertop materials (including several varieties of natural stone countertops) and continue with general rules for all kitchen countertops.

Protecting Marble Kitchen Countertops

Like all natural stone countertops, marble counters are slightly porous; they will accept liquids, which will leave permanent stains if left to soak in. Therefore, wipe up all spills immediately. It’s best to use a cleaning mixture that has been especially created for marble counters. Avoid using acid-based cleaning solutions, such as vinegar, as acid causes marble to break down.

In a cleaning emergency, you can wash marble counters with a combination of three tablespoons baking soda to one quart of warm water. Blend these items in a big bowl and steep your microfiber cleaning cloth in the resulting mixture. Wring out the cloth before washing counters with it. Leave two hours for the counter to dry, and then rinse with water. A soft dry cloth can be used to dry the counter. To avoid scratches, never use scouring pads or other abrasive materials to clean marble counters.

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